our mission @ ndxp games

In 2013, we took a break from the Diablo III beta and ask what kind of life we wanted to build together as a newly engaged couple.

Shortly after, NDXP Games was founded.

Relatively new to the games industry and entrepreneurship, we are doing what we love. Honestly it isn’t easy to work another job during the day and make games in the evenings and on weekends. But it's a dream come true. 

We aren’t here to try to squeeze as much money out of people as we could. We aren’t here to ruin the gameplay experience with tons of disruptive ads. We are here to make fun, thoughtful, and honest games.

Our love for informal learning, wilderness exploration, and our favorite games have inspired us to incorporate elements of informal learning and real world content into fun and intuitive games. 

And while we are focused on creating a fun player experience, it was just as important to us to contribute to active research and conservation. For each game we make, we will donate part of our game's proceeds to research or conservation appropriate to the game’s theme. As nature and history enthusiasts, you can expect such themes to be prominent throughout our games.

We are incredibly humbled by and thankful for this experience. We are avid gamers who strive to make fun and meaningful experiences for people like you. Please join us. 

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